Residency Fact Sheet

Residency Fact Sheet

  • Number of Residents
    6 per year (18 total currently).
  • Rotations
    1st Year: Twelve 4 or 5 week rotations (Grady x 5, VA x 2, Path/Plastics, Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma, Neuro)
    2nd Year: Twelve 4 or 5 week rotations (Grady x 2, VA x 4, Pediatrics x 2, Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma, Neuro)
    3rd Year: Twelve 4 or 5 week rotations (Grady x 4, VA x 4, Retina Laser x 2, Path/Plastics, Emory University Surgical Elective)
  • Didactics
    NO Saturday lectures!
    Cornea Conference: Friday (7 to 8 am)
    Grand Rounds: Friday (8 to 9 am); 1st and 2nd Years present 4 to 5 times a year
    Lectures: Tuesday (7 to 8 am), Friday (9 to 12 am)
    FA Conference: Last Thursday AM of each month (subject to change)
    Journal Club: Second Wednesday PM of each month (at a faculty member's home)
  • Surgical Volume
    As primary surgeon on “major procedures” (i.e. not including minor room procedures)
    Phaco: 160 – 180 | Extracap: 5 – 10
    Strabismus: 15 – 30
    Glaucoma: 5 – 10 | Plastics: 20 – 40
    Major traumas: 5 – 15 | Lasers: 150 – 200

    1st Year: Enucleations, chalazion excisions, YAG caps, ALT’s, LI’s, temporal artery biopsies
    2nd Year: Extracaps, focal lasers, PRP’s, and strabismus cases
    3rd Year: Everything else, including LASIK training!
  • Call Schedule
    All call is from HOME!!!!
    1st Year:
    Eight blocks of Grady primary call (1 night a week, every
    4th weekend)
    Four blocks of VA/Emory University Hospital Midtown primary call (every other week—VERY light call)

    2nd Year: Emory and Egleston primary call
    Less than 1 night a week and ~9 weekends for the year
    All questions are routed through appropriate fellow/faculty member on call.

    3rd Year: Grady/VA backup call
    Less than 1 night a week and ~9 weekends for the year
    Responsibilities are to aid 1st-year residents and operate as necessary.
  • Miscellaneous
    Benefits: Academy BCSC Series, 20-Diopter Lens.
    Residents are required to purchase their own set of lenses, but not an indirect ophthalmoscope.
    Interview Days: 6 Days for interviews in your third year
    Vacation: 15 days (3 weeks), plus standard holidays when not on call.
  • 2015-16 Resident Stipends
  • Meetings
    If you present at a national meeting, you get time off as well as travel and meeting costs paid for (e.g., ARVO, ASCRS).

    3rd Year: American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meeting. All travel and meeting costs are paid for!

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Information regarding Emory University general house staff rules, regulations, benefits, leave time, etc. can be found at Emory’s GME website.


Feel free to telephone Miss Terri Trotter at 404-778-4530.

Good Luck!

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