Colin Beckwith, MS

Program Director, Tracoma SAFE Implementation


Colin Beckwith, MS, joined Global Ophthalmology Emory in July 2014. His work as program director of the Trachoma SAFE (Surgery; Antibiotics; Facial cleanliness; and Environmental improvement) Implementation initiative adds significant focus on the eye disease, which can lead to blindness but is preventable with proper hygiene.

Beckwith previously served as the International Trachoma Initiative’s (ITI) deputy director, where he co-directed strategic planning, development and implementation of operations. Prior to ITI, he was associate director at Emory University’s Institute for Developing Nations.

Beckwith served with CARE USA in several countries and was director for Central America, Guatemala and deputy director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Beckwith has a bachelor of science degree in forest management from the University of Maine, and a master of science degree in natural resource management from Colorado State University.

He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala where he worked as a community agro-forestry agent, and a Peace Corps technical and cross-cultural trainer, also in Guatemala. 

He is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Colin Beckwith, MS

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