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Sept. 7, 2010

Emory Eye Center to Host Inaugural Southeastern Ocular Oncology/Pathology Seminar

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(ATLANTA) Emory Eye Center will host the inaugural Southeastern Ocular Oncology/Pathology seminar (SEOP) on Friday, Oct. 29, at the Eye Center’s Calhoun Auditorium within the Learning Resources Center. The meeting will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hans Grossniklaus, MD, MBA, F. Phinizy Calhoun Jr. Professor of Ophthalmology and director of the L.F. Montgomery Pathology Laboratory and the section of Ocular Oncology/Ophthalmic Pathology, will host the seminar.

The SEOP meeting will provide a forum for dissemination of knowledge in ocular oncology.

“I am very excited about this inaugural SEOP meeting which provides a forum for discussing current concepts in ocular oncology including diagnosis, medical and surgical management,” says Dr. Grossniklaus. “We have an outstanding guest speaker and three panelists who will undoubtedly add great value to this event.”

“This meeting brings the brightest ocular oncologists in the country to Emory for open and academic discussion of the management of ocular oncology cases, in a very clinical format,” says Timothy W. Olsen, director of Emory Eye Center. “What better organizer than an ophthalmic pathologist such as Dr. Grossniklaus, someone who has seen it all.”

The F. Phinizy Calhoun Jr. Lecture will be presented by David Wilson, MD. director of the Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University (Portland), and an ocular oncologist. His topic will be “Intraocular Lymphoma.”

The keynote lecture will be followed by sessions on retinoblastoma, melanoma, and other ocular tumors including conjunctival tumors and eyelid/orbital tumors. Jerry Shields MD, and Carol Shields MD, from Wills Eye Institute, Philadelphia, and Matthew Wilson, MD, from the University of Tennessee, Memphis/St Jude Hospital, will serve as panelists. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own cases for discussion. SEOP discussions will center on diagnosis, medical and surgical management.

Additionally, the Ocular Oncology/Pathology service at the Emory Eye Center, including Chris Bergstrom, MD, OD; Dr. Grossniklaus; Baker Hubbard, MD; and Jill Wells, MD, will participate in case presentations and discussions. The Eye Center’s Oculoplastics service including Ted Wojno, MD, and Joseph Walrath, MD, will also participate.

The mission of Emory Eye Center’s Ocular Oncology/Pathology service is a comprehensive team approach where patients receive optimal care for ocular tumors. That includes evaluation, medical management, surgical management, and oncology care in conjunction with Winship Cancer Center, an NCI-designated ((National Cancer Institute) center at Emory University, in addition to access of currently available clinical trials.

Dr. Grossniklaus, who also serves at Winship and is the principal investigator of an NCI-institute R01 grant, explains that the Eye Center’s Ocular Oncology/ Ophthalmic Pathology service also includes a regular Tumor Board, in which recommendations for treatment for individual patients are discussed.

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