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    The World is our Clinic

    Under the direction of Jacquelyn O'Banion, MD, Global Ophthalmology-Emory is bringing ophthalmological care to the world - and to our neighbors.

    Imagine needing vision care but not being able to get the care you need because you don't know where to find an ophthalmologist or struggle to find reliable transportation to get to an eye care center. Additionally, many healthcareorganizations conduct vision screenings but oftentimes lack the resources to get their patient to a provider for follow-up treatment. The patient is left with a known vision condition that needs to be diagnosed, cared for, and treated but has no method of finding that care.

    Unfortunately, these are some of the common challenges many rural Georgians or low-income, at-risk individuals routinely face.

    The Georgia Vision Network (GVN) was organized by Emory Eye Center ophthalmologist (and GO-E director) Jacquelyn O'Banion, MD, MSc. as a way to fight back.

    Together with Georgia Vision 2020, GVN is developing a web of care that connects patients in need of eye care services with eye care professionals and organizations equipped to provide those services.

    Everyone deserves access to quality vision care, says O'Banion.

    The state of Georgia is very spread out and has a very poor public transportation system. Just because someone lives in a rural area shouldn't mean they can't be provided with a basic level of care from an eye professional.

    Another issue we've noticed is that many patients can't drive to the eye doctor especially if they have a debilitating condition such as diabetes or age-related macular degeneration. This places a limit on how they can receive the care they need.

  • What is GO-E?

    The mission of Global Ophthalmology-Emory (GO-E) is to prevent vision loss in all persons, both in Georgia and around the world, through clinical service, research and education.

    This mission aligns with the goal set forth by the World Health Organization: to eliminate avoidable blindness and to ensure universal access to quality eye care.

    Combining a public health perspective with the powerful and wide-ranging tools of ophthalmology, GO-E seeks to generate operative and sustainable systems that can impact lives among underserved populations in Georgia, and around the world.

    As our researchers, scholars and scientists to continue to expand knowledge across the disciplines, opportunities arise for building programs that bridge interdisciplinary boundaries.

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